Research Scientist, Center For Health Innovation

Kumbie  Madondo,  PhD

Kumbie Madondo, PhD, is a Research Scientist, splitting her time between the Center for Health Innovation and Center for Evaluation & Applied Research at The New York Academy of Medicine. Her research interests include racial and ethnic disparities in health and, in particular, trends and issues related to asthma, diabetes, civic engagement and healthcare costs. Dr. Madondo uses a range of methodologies, collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data, primarily in service of projects that aim to improve the health of communities of color, low-income communities, and the marginalized. She is particularly interested in using social network analysis to assess the types and quality of relationships among organizations that promote health equity. As such, she works with community-based organizations and multisector planning bodies to identify and use appropriate metrics for program development, monitoring, and evaluation. Recent projects include an evaluation of the Claremont Healthy Village Initiative, a cross-sector collaboration focusing on proactively addressing health disparities and sustaining a shared culture of health promotion and well-being in the Bronx’s Claremont community, and a network analysis of 39 community-based organizations addressing community health priorities in neighborhoods facing significant health disparities in New York City. Dr. Madondo is also currently the project director for New York City on a European Commission Horizon 2020-funded project examining asthma and diabetes in five European and U.S. cities (Barcelona, Birmingham, Paris, New York City and Singapore).

Prior to joining The New York Academy of Medicine, Dr. Madondo evaluated outreach and enrollment strategies used by community-based organizations to facilitate insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act and was principal investigator for a large-scale evaluation of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded project that focused on HIV/AIDS prevention among African American and Latino populations. Dr. Madondo has authored many journal articles and publications on program evaluations, including Project ECHO® Evaluation 101: A Practical Guide for Evaluating your Program (2017) and The Basics of Evaluation: A Handbook for People Who Want to Know about Evaluation and How to Work with an Evaluator (2016). She earned her PhD in sociology from Virginia Tech University, where she was a recipient of a graduate scholarship from the National Science Foundation.

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