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Cherry’s Unisex Salon is a full-service hair and beauty salon that has been in business for 20 years. Current owner and stylist, Keisha, started working at Cherry’s while she was a law student to help pay for tuition. However, after discovering her passion for entrepreneurship and hair styling, Keisha decided to take over the business when the previous owner retired and she has been in charge ever since. With a business model that puts customers first, Cherry’s offers highly individualized services and values teaching customers about beauty and hair care. Cherry’s clientele has grown considerably over the last few years and has expanded its hours to accommodate more customers.

Front of Cherry's Unisex Salon

Why did you become an age-friendly business?

I was raised by my grandmother so I learned from an early age that older adults have a lot to offer, even though they sometimes need a little extra customer service. I also realized that there is a big need for age-friendly beauty salons, because most don’t specifically cater to older adults. At Cherry’s, we wanted the salon to be more than a place where people get their hair done. We wanted this place to be where all customers can have a great experience from the moment they walk through the door, and also somewhere people can socialize with friends. In fact, many of our older customers know all of my employees, their kids, their family and pretty much everyone in the neighborhood.  So even though they might just be coming in for an appointment, they are really catching up and making new connections with all sorts of people in our community. We love working with them.

Owner, Keisha and her staff pose in front of Cherry's awesome mural

What are some of your unique age-friendly services?

We are very focused on our customer service. If our older customers need additional products like extensions, dye, or specialty shampoos/conditioner, our employees will go to our nearest beauty store and pick it up for them in time for their appointments. We also started providing refreshments on Wednesdays, our Senior Discount Day. We want to focus on providing health and wellness tips as well. I’ve noticed that many older adults do not have internet access and can’t easily look up information about their health. So we want to provide them with beauty and wellness information while at the same time teaching them more about their health, especially around diabetes and high blood pressure. One example of this is that I learned that dandelion tea is a great natural remedy recommended for those with high blood pressure, so we started offering it and telling customers about it. 

Another thing we noticed is that many of our customers (especially older customers) don’t feel comfortable being seen by people walking by the store when they get their hair done. Some may have a little damage to their hair and some just like privacy. Also many customers have religious requirements that prohibit certain people from seeing their hair. Whatever the case, we decided to place retractable curtains on our outer windows and also to block a space at the back of the store.  Now we can give all of our customers more privacy and allow them to get their hair done in comfort.

Keisha shows how curtains provide privacy for customers.

Would you recommend becoming age-friendly to other businesses?

I would absolutely recommend it. Older adults are the pillars of our community. They have huge extended families and tons of friends. Their networks are extensive and they are willing to give a bit of time to get to know the people around them. For these reasons, older adults are the best referrers ever. Once they have a great experience, they will consistently refer us within their networks and bring us more business. But they don’t just help bring in more customers, I feel like we can learn a lot from our seniors as well. Older adults have a lifetime of experience and stories that we can take a lot away from. I feel like providing extra customer service to them is especially rewarding. Just seeing the happiness reflected on their faces after a great appointment makes it worth it for me.  Older adults appreciate the smallest gestures and you can tell how pleased they are to have received a great beauty experience. So not only do we try make them feel good, they also make us feel good in return.

Adjustable sinks move to accommodate wheelchairs


Cherry’s Unisex Salon is open daily from 8:00AM to 8:00PM. They feature a Senior Discount Day every Wednesday featuring discounted services and light refreshments.
Visit Cherry’s Unisex Salon today for an amazing array of salon and beauty services and a friendly and welcoming experience.
Cherry’s Unisex Salon is located at 1449 Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

You can visit their website and blog here or call them at 718-467-0121.

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