Age-friendly Pharmacy


Why did you become an age-friendly business?

Rite Aid has always been an age-friendly business. We understand the significance of our pharmacies’ easy accessibility and convenience for our seniors; that is why we have begun a greater focus on senior specific programs. It is a priority for all of our teams to create caring moments for our senior patients and truly be their aid in optimizing their health.   


What are some of your unique age-friendly services?

Our senior programs provide a convenient access point for counseling and education about a wide range of topics [medication reviews, over-the-counter medication counseling, immunization reviews, and seasonal topics] to help provide the best care and quality of life.

Wellness65+ Benefits include:

  • The first Wednesday of the month is dedicated to senior events savings including:
    • 20% off in-store and online purchases on Wellness 65+ Wednesdays
    • 20% off non-prescription purchases that day for all Wellness 65 members
    • Special monthly activities with a different health topic each month
    • Featured products and information just for seniors


  • Every wellness65+ member has the opportunity to receive a FREE consultation with a pharmacist. The consultation will include a review of:
    •         Your Medications 
    •         Your Immunization Needs 
    •          Free Pharmacy Services 
    •          Free Blood Pressure Screening 
    •          Medicare Part D Questions


Would you recommend becoming age-friendly to other businesses?

Yes, our entire team at Rite Aid Pharmacy would strongly recommend other businesses to become age-friendly. It is all of our responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our seniors.