People are living longer and the workplace is changing. It is now common to have 4 generations in the workplace. Today a person entering the workforce can expect to work 60 years. Right now 700,000 of New York City’s workers are over 55 and they will continue to work well past traditional retirement age.

The increasingly multigenerational workplace is an opportunity for employers. Companies such as BMW and Wells Fargo have already implemented strategies that address their aging workforces and are now demonstrating increases in productivity and/or profits as a result. By embracing the multigenerational workplace as an opportunity, these leaders use innovation, flexibility and creative talent management to stay ahead of the curve.  These employers are age smart.


  • Employers of all types and sizes are eligible: for-profit, non-profit and public entities

  • A workforce presence in New York City (not necessarily headquarters)

  • The organization must have been in operation for at least one year

  • Employers may apply or be nominated to apply

Selection Criteria

Eligible applicants will be considered for the Age Smart Employer Award based on their ability to demonstrate that their workplace optimizes the talent of older workers and creates environments that capitalize on age-diverse workforces, while meeting both business and employee goals.

An applicant’s age-smart practices can occur either informally (but can be documented) or as part of a formalized program or policy.

Strategies to achieve an Age Smart Workplace address but are not limited to the following 5 objectives, which are derived from existing research and best practices of companies:


  • Effectively Recruiting Older Workers

  • Optimizing the Performance and Productivity of Older Workers

  • Reducing Unwanted Turnover by Boosting Engagement of Older Worker

  • Retaining Older Workers While Controlling Health Cost

  • Promoting Meaningful and Streamlined Transitions from Work to Retirement


There is no expectation that any applicant will have all Age Smart Employer strategies and practices. Applicants may have strategies and practices outside of those above. The goal of the Age Smart Employer Awards is to identify and promote innovative strategies employers use in New York City use to create Age Smart Workplaces.

Selection Process

  • Once the application/nomination round has closed, all online applications will screened for eligibility

  • Eligible applications and nominations will then be analyzed for content and an external Age Smart Employer Selection Committee will choose finalists

  • Finalists will be notified in November 2013

  • Finalists will receive a brief employee questionnaire to survey their employees about the age-smart workplace practices and organizational culture outlined in the initial application. Employees will complete the questionnaire online and anonymously

  • Applications and questionnaires will be analyzed and the Age Smart Selection Committee will choose up to ten winners

  • Winners will be notified in December 2013 and honored at an awards ceremony in February 2014

Why Apply

  • Earn recognition from national and local media

  • Exclusive use of the Age Smart Employer Awards 2013 Winner Logo/Graphic

  • Honored at a ceremony by business and civic leaders in February of 2014

  • Join the distinguished family of Sloan Award winners throughout the U.S.

  • Promotion at national and international conferences and meetings

 Selection Committee