For Employers

Age Smart Employer is speaking to NYC small businesses – from restaurants to factories to law firms – to create a guide for those looking to increase the value of their biggest asset – their employees. The Small Business Guide will be released in early 2015. Please check back for updates.

Compendium of Strategies & Practices

The Age Smart Employer Awards began by consulting with a research advisory panel to develop an evidence-based compendium of current strategies and practices of an age-smart workplace. This compendium will serve as the basis for application guidelines and evaluations.  Download the compendium here.

Research Advisory Panel

The research advisory panel, chaired by James Parrott, contributed to and guided the development of the Age Smart Employer Compendium of Strategies and Practices.  This panel included experts from a variety of disciplines including economics, business and aging, each bringing a unique viewpoint to the topic of the multigenerational workforce.


Who Are NYC's Age Smart Employers? Watch here!