Active Communities

Equitable access to opportunities for safe and convenient places to be active, as well as transportation systems that encourage daily activity are important components of chronic disease prevention.


Clinical and Community Linkages

Exploring opportunities to connect clinical providers and evidence based chronic disease prevention strategies that are community-based is the focus of this group.


Economic and Community Development

As New York State engages in strategic plans to boost the economy, there are multiple opportunities to also address the consideration of health in those plans. Improving the health of communities can also improve the economic vitality.


Healthy Schools and Childcare

Children spend a large portion of their days in school or childcare. As a result, the food they eat and the amount of physical activity they engage in affects their overall health.


Food Policy

Food policy touches on multiple issues related to the production, distribution, and availability of the foods that we eat.


DASH-NY is Designing a Strong and Healthy New York and encouraging all New Yorkers to make healthy choices by engaging multiple sectors in creating policy, systems, and environmental changes to prevent chronic disease and promote well-being.

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