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Anniversary Discourse & Awards

Every year NYAM hosts its Anniversary Discourse and Awards to pay special tribute to individuals with distinguished accomplishments health policy, public health, medicine, and scientific research. This commemorative evening is a part of NYAM's heritage and it has become the centerpiece event presented by the Office of Trustee & Fellowship Affairs each fall.

The Awards

The John Stearns Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Practice
The Stephen Smith Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Public Health
The Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Health Policy
The Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science
The Academy Plaque for Exceptional Service to the Academy

The John Stearns Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Practice (formerly Medicine)
The medal for lifetime achievement in medicine established in 1992 and named for John Stearns, the first president of the Academy, is awarded for extraordinary contributions to the clinical practice of medicine.  These contributions can be in disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation; physician-patient communication; clinical medical education; or medical ethics.

1992 Lewis Thomas
1993 Maclyn McCarty
1994 David E. Rogers
1995 Donald A. Henderson
1996 Joshua Lederberg
1997 David Satcher
1998 Torsten N. Wiesel
1999 Julius B. Richmond
2000 Robert J. Glaser
2001 Paul B. Beeson
2002 Paul A. Marks
2003 David A. Hamburg
2004 Mary Ellen Avery
2005 Samuel O. Thier
2006 Victor A. McKusick
2007 Arthur H. Rubenstein
2008 Richard Mayeaux
2009 David G. Nathan
2010       Kathleen M. Foley
2011       Rita Charon
2012       Antonio M. Gotto, Jr.
2013       Daniel D. Federman
2014       Elaine Larson

The Stephen Smith Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Public Health
The medal for lifetime achievement in public health, first awarded in 2005, was named for Stephen Smith, an Academy Fellow and pioneer in the field of public health. The recipient should have lead or significantly contributed to work that effected a significant change in public health policy or practice to improve population health, including work on the broad determinants of health, with a special emphasis on eliminating health disparities.

2005 Lester Breslow
2006 William B. Kannel
 Allan Rosenfield
2007 William H. Foege
2008 Harvey V. Fineberg
2009 Philip J. Landrigan
2010       Lisa Berkman
2011       Thomas Frieden
2012       Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
2013       David R. Williams
2014       Sir Michael Marmot

The Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Health Policy
The award for distinguished contributions in health policy, established in 2008, recognizes an individual who has created evidence through their own research and/or applied evidence and experience through their public service, community service, or advocacy to promote significant policy change in the health system to improve the health of the public and eliminate health disparities. 

2008 John K. Iglehart
2009 John E. Wennberg
2010       Ada Sue Hinshaw
2011       Vivian Pinn
2012       Karen Davis
2013       Carolyn M. Clancy
2014       Uwe Reinhardt

The Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science
The Academy has been awarding a medal for distinguished contributions in biomedical science since 1929 to an eminent scientist in biomedicine.   The recipient should be a senior investigator with evidence of sustained accomplishments in biomedical research and a special interest in translating research findings to advance human health.  The recipient must have made identifiable, unique contribution(s) to a field or discipline with demonstrated impact on both research and training.

1929 Carl Koller
1931 David Marine
1934 Charles Norris
1936 Alfred Newton Richards
1938 Bela Schick
1944 Oswald T. Avery
1947 James Alexander Miller
1953 Rufus Cole
1954 Edwards A. Park
1955 Allen O. Whipple
1956 Eugene F. DuBois
1958 Alphonse R. Dochez
1959 Peyton Rous
1960 Eugene L. Opie
1961 E. V. McCollum
1962 Paul Klemperer
1963 Andre Cournand
Dickinson W. Richards
1964 Gilbert J. Dalldorf
1965 Richard E. Shope
1966 Samuel Z. Levine
Rustin McIntosh
1967 Donald D. Van Slyke
1968 Michael Heidelberger
1969 Harold W. Brown
1970 Harry Eagle
1971 Solomon Berson
1972 James A. Shannon
1973 Rebecca Lancefield
1974 H. Sherwood Lawrence
1975 George Hirst
1976 Charles A. Ragan, Jr.
1977 Henry G. Kunkel
1978 Saul Krugman
1979 Maclyn McCarty
1980 Erwin Chargaff
1981 Karl Meyer
1982 Rene Dubos
1983 Edwin D. Kilbourne
1984 Vincent P. Dole
1985 Lloyd J. Old
1986 Irving S. Wright
1987 Thomas C. Chalmers
1988 Paul F. Cranefield
Brian Hoffman
1989 Elvin A. Kabat
1990 Matthew Scharff
1991 Maria I. New
1992 Robert F. Furchgott
1993 John H. Laragh
1994 Harold S. Ginsberg
1995 William Trager
1996 Eric R. Kandel
1997 David Baltimore
1998 Judah Folkman
1999 James D. Watson
2000 Harold Varmus
2001 Richard Axel
2002 James E. Darnell, Jr.
2003 Wayne A. Hendrickson
2004 Irving L. Weissman
2005 Elizabeth H. Blackburn
2006 Bert Vogelstein
2007 Stanley N. Cohen
2008 Joan A. Steitz
2009 Eric S. Lander
2010       James S. Jackson
2011       Susan Band Horwitz
2012       Elaine Fuchs
2013       Rudolf Jaenisch
2014       Stuart Schreiber

The Academy Plaque for Exceptional Service to the Academy
Exceptional service to the Academy has been recognized since 1952 with an award of distinction for Fellows and affiliates of the Academy. Individuals are recognized for sustained engagement with the Academy over an extended period, making major contributions to the success of NYAM’s mission and programs, its role in the broader community or its organizational growth and development.

1952 Orrin Sage Wightman
1953 John W. Davis
1954 Seth Minot Milliken
1955 Haven Emerson
1956 Malcolm Goodridge
1958 Charles C. Morchand
1959 Montgomery B. Angell
1960 Shepard Krech
1961 George Baehr
1962 Robert L. Levy
1963 Asa Liggett Lincoln
1964 William Barclay Parsons
1965 Arthur M. Master
1966 Benjamin P. Watson
1967 Howard Reid Craig
1968 Claude Heaton
1969 Peter Marshall Murray
1970 J. Burns Amberson, Jr.
1971 Samuel W. Lambert, Jr.
1972 Frank B. Berry
1973 Jerome P. Webster
1974 Gertrude L. Annan
Janet Doe
1975 Albert C. Santy
1976 Paul Reznikoff
1977 Frank Glenn
1978 George A. Perera
1979 Saul Jarcho
1980 John L. Madden
1981 Edward E. Fischel
1982 Joseph Post
1983 Iago Galdston
1984 August H. Groeschel
1985 John V. Waller
1986 Duncan W. Clark
1987 Norbert J. Roberts
1988 Bernard J. Pisani
1989 Maurice E. Shils
1990 Fidelio A. Jimenez
1991 Mary Ann Payne
1992 Martin Cherkasky
1993 Margaret E. Mahoney
1994 William C. Stubing
1995 Robert J. Haggerty
1996 Saul J. Farber
1997 Thomas Q. Morris
1998 Ralph A. O’Connell
1999 Richard L. Menschel
2000 Michael R. McGarvey
2001 Stanley Brezenoff
2002 William N. Hubbard, Jr.
2003 Marvin Lieberman
Jacqueline Messite
2004 William H. Helfand
2005 Peter F. Vallone
2006 Gordon H. DeFriese
2007 Jeremiah A. Barondess
2008 Jack Rudin
2009 Jack Barchas
2010       Corinne Rieder
2011       Anne Moore
2012       Gerald E. Thomson
2013       Claire M. Fagin
2014       Leslie Goldman

Fellow Ambassadors

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