ICUH 2010 is being jointly organized by The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) and the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH).


ISUH is an association of researchers, scholars, professionals and community members, workers and activists from various disciplines, roles and areas of the world whose work is directly related to the health effects of urban environments and urbanization. Membership in the ISUH is open to anyone who is interested in the health of urban populations. Since the poor are overrepresented among urban populations and this has critical implications for health, one of the priority areas of the ISUH is to address health of the urban poor and associated social justice issues. Find out more here


NYAM is an independent organization advancing the health of the people in cities since 1847. NYAM addresses the health challenges facing the world?s urban population through interdisciplinary approaches to policy leadership, innovative research, education, training and community engagement. Our current urban health agenda includes creating environments in cities that support healthy aging, strong systems to prevent disease and promote the public?s health, and interventions to eliminate health disparities. We draw on the innovative ideas and expertise of diverse partners and more than 2,000 elected Fellows from across the professions affecting health. Find out more here