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2010 ICUH Conference 
ICUH 2010

The meeting begins Wednesday, October 27 and will end on Friday, October 29. The conference will consist of plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and poster presentations. Conference organizers are also arranging to hold several sessions in conjunction with community-based organizations and policymakers. The principal theme to be addressed at the Ninth International Conference on Urban Health will be good governance for healthy cities, with special interest in the positive consequences in urban health interventions, as well as the social and public health policies that are required to address these issues. This theme and others will be explored by international plenary speakers and attendees throughout the duration of the conference.

New York City
By holding this conference in New York, NY, one of the leading cities in the world, we intend to foster an international research group to collectively improve the understanding of the common health risks faced by urban residents and to influence the development of effective public health interventions across the globe. Perspectives and lessons from different countries can be valuable to share, and New York City’s experience shows that North-South exchanges can lead to effective, inclusive, and comprehensive policies. Conference organizers are working to coordinate activities with local communities and policymakers, so that New York City lessons, experiences, and innovations may be shared with conference attendees.