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Boufford: We Can't Do It Alone


Crain's Health Pulse, January 27, 2012

The state Department of Health's Public Health and Health Planning Council has the broad task of finding better and more efficient ways to improve the health of New Yorkers. At last week's committee meetings of the council, several members said that goal requires an all-encompassing view analogous to looking at New York from an airplane cruising at 35,000 feet.

Committee member Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford said she favored getting input from the state education and agriculture departments, and suggested joint meetings to address such public health topics as exercise and nutrition. Member Jeffrey Kraut said that suggestion made sense to him. "We might want to involve them in discussions" on such topics as making sure there are green markets in areas with less access to fresh produce, he said. But the group did not vote on any such proposals, and some members seemed reluctant to add to the committee's work.

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