Improving health through research, evaluation, policy, and practice.

The Academy works to improve the health of New Yorkers by bringing together researchers, policymakers, community members, and key stakeholders to develop and implement evidence-based solutions to the root causes of poor health outcomes. Across our priority areas of healthy aging, prevention, and eliminating health disparities, we adopt a health-in-all policies approach that recognizes the multiple determinants of health—including health care, education, economic development, the natural, social and built environment, transportation, housing, and food systems.

Through our Center for Health Policy and Programs, we provide evidence-based guidance to public and private sector leaders to help shape policies and programs that promote long, active, healthy lives and communities. Whether through evidence from research, expert testimony, convening of multiple stakeholders, technical assistance or through our work leading coalitions, we are actively helping to align and shape the actions of communities, government, and industry to transform the places where we live, work, play and learn into environments that promote health. 

In addition to our policy leadership, we also develop and implement award-winning, place-based programs in our three priority areas. The initiatives address some of the most critical urban health issues of our time, including healthy aging, disease prevention, and reducing health disparities in New York City and New York State.