Creating environments that encourage and support a healthy lifestyle.

Limited access to fresh and healthy food, schools without playgrounds, neighborhoods without parks and green space, a lack of affordable and safe housing, and environmental hazards make staying healthy a daily challenge for millions of New York residents. For these reasons, prevention is one of the Academy’s priority areas. We believe that it is the key to good health.

Through an innovative combination of research and evaluation, policy analysis and advocacy, technical assistance and education, the Academy works closely with policy makers and community partners to develop evidence-based policies and programs that create healthy communities. The Academy provides policy analysis and facilitates the work of the 100-member Designing a Strong and Healthy New York (DASH-NY) coalition and works actively with partners across the state to help implement the New York State Prevention Agenda through its Advancing Prevention Project.

By advancing policies that address opportunities for safe and convenient places to be active, healthy food production, distribution and availability, as well access to healthy food and increased activity in school environments, the Academy is working to improve prevention activities in New York City and around New York State.