Corporate Research Services is The New York Academy of Medicine Library's information and document delivery service for the business and non-profit communities.

Individuals with information requests should contact the Reference Department at (212) 822-7315 for assistance.

The Corporate Research Services program provides your organization with immediate access to the Academy Library’s research, clinical, biomedical and historical collections, one of the largest medical collections in the country. Corporate Research Services information specialists will respond to your research queries or supply you with needed documents. To learn more, please follow the links below:

Document Delivery Services

Your document needs can be quickly filled using the Academy Library's outstanding biomedical and public health resources of over 550,000 volumes and many serial titles. To supplement these collections, Corporate Research Services staff cooperates with an international network of research centers and document suppliers, enabling us to provide you with virtually any medical document. Whether you need a medical research journal article, medical illustration, conference proceeding, excerpt from a book, or any other type of document, we can get it to you. The New York Academy of Medicine is copyright compliant, through the Transactional Reporting Service of the Copyright Clearance Center.

Research Services

Corporate Research Services has the resources and staff expertise to assist you in finding the medical information you need. If you need the most recent medical research related to a specific disease, or require epidemiology statistics, clinical trial protocols, or current ICD-9 codes, we can assist you. A phone call, fax or e-mail to Corporate Research Services puts you in touch with the latest medical and public health information available.

Our resources include the National Library of Medicine’s family of databases, subscription-based subject specific databases, scholarly medical science texts and journals, and history of medicine books and illustrations. Quick information or in-depth research will be provided. Information specialists work closely with clients to serve their information needs quickly, cost-efficiently, and confidentially.

Please phone (212) 822-7296 or email to learn how we can be of assistance to you and your organization.

Corporate Client Rates

A non-refundable annual fee of $1650 for all 'for profit' organizations is required to open an account. The annual fee for not-for-profit organizations is $825. *Clients who join during the year will pay an annual fee prorated at $140 per month ($70 for not-for-profits). *Billing is on a monthly basis.

Document Costs

Articles/Chapters are $25 (cost recovery only). There is an additional charge of $10 for mailing a physical copy. The copyright fee as set by the Copyright Clearance Center, is charged in addition to Academy document fees.

Turn-around times for client requests are for items available in The New York Academy of Medicine Library. For items that are not in the Academy Library (interlibrary loan), the turn-around time will be longer. The Document Delivery staff will research your order and advise you of the price and time involved for the interlibrary loan request.

Non-Academy items (interlibrary loans) are regular document price, plus cost (recovery only) incurred by the Academy as a result of obtaining material from another institution and the copyright fee as assigned by the Copyright Clearance Center (*copyright fees are assigned in addition to Academy ILL fees). Canceled orders may incur a fee if processing was done prior to cancellation. Materials from the Special Collections, or materials considered to be too fragile for regular photocopying are not included in the above. (Call for pricing.)

Research Costs

Research costs are $90 per hour (minimum of $45 for 1/2 hour), plus any additional costs (online charges, long distance telephone calls, documents, extensive reference intake interviews). Research services include online searching, world wide web searching, examinations of books, journal articles, paper indices for pertinent data, illustrations, etc.

Book Loans

Clients may borrow ten books at any one time, for a period of one month. No Reference materials or journals may be borrowed.

To Become a Client

If you are interested in becoming a corporate client, the registration form is available in PDF and WORD formats. Please print out a copy of the form and send it along with payment to:

The New York Academy of Medicine Library
1216 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029-5293
ATTN: Corporate Research Services

You may also fax your form to (212) 722-7650 or email We accept payment by credit card; for details, please call (212)822-7362.