Library of Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine of Michael M. Davis, 1920-1966

Library of Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine of Michael M. Davis

Biographical Note

Michael Marks Davis was a medical economist and advocate for comprehensive medical care and national health insurance. He was born on November 19, 1879, in New York City. He attended City College and later Columbia University, where he studied economics and sociology under Franklin H. Giddings and received his PhD in 1906.

In 1905, he joined the staff of the People’s Institute at Cooper Union, where he worked in social settlements. Davis then began his career in the health field as the director of the Boston Dispensary, a position he held from 1910 to 1920. At the Dispensary, he introduced the concept of a pay clinic, which allowed patients of modest means to pay a small fee for services.

In 1920, he was recruited by the Rockefeller Foundation to conduct a seven-year project introducing new forms of ambulatory care to hospitals and dispensaries in New York City. During this period, Davis was also active in the Committee on the Cost of Medical Care. In 1928, he became the director of medical services at the Julius Rosenwald Fund. While there, he promoted the concept of pay clinics that he had developed while at the Boston Dispensary. His department also gave assistance to the research leading to the establishment of the Blue Cross system.

In 1936, with support from the Rosenwald Fund, Davis established the Committee for Research in Medical Economics, which he directed until 1951. The Committee funded studies and published Medical Care, the first periodical in the United States devoted to the economic and social aspects of health services, from 1941 to 1944.

Davis contributed to health legislation throughout his career. In 1934-1935, helped draft the Social Security Act and contributed to Senator Robert F. Wagner’s efforts towards health care reform. In 1945, he helped President Harry S. Truman draft a message supporting a national health program. The following year Davis founded the Committee for the Nation’s Health, which promoted national health insurance.

Throughout his life Davis was a prolific writer. He wrote 12 books and over 250 articles. His last book, Medical Care for Tomorrow, was published in 1956.

Dr. Davis was married to Janet Haynes from 1907 until her death in 1950. They had three sons: Paul, Burnet, and Michael M., Jr. Davis married Alice Taylor in 1951. Dr. Davis died on August 19, 1971.


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Collection Description

Scope and Content

A collection of over 400,000 pieces related to the legislation, organization, and economics of government-sponsored public medical care in the United States. The files include correspondence, confidential reports, special surveys, pamphlets, documents, clippings and ephemera spanning the years 1920-1966.


The original order of the collection has been maintained. The collection is organized into six series:

  • Medical Economics and Medical Sociology
  • Medical Care in the United States
  • Legislation and Legal Aspects
  • Organizations
  • Medical Care in Foreign Countries
  • Personalities

Administrative Info

The collection originally occupied 52 vertical files; in 1999, it was rehoused by Georgia Southworth in 72 archive storage boxes. Series descriptions are from Lee Ash's article, "The Michael M. Davis Collection of the Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine," Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, Vol. 43, No. 7, July 1967

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Preferred Citation

Library of Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine of Michael M. Davis. The Drs. Barry and Bobbi Coller Rare Book Reading Room, New York Academy of Medicine Library.

Alternate Form of Material

Microfilm copy of the Committee for the Nation's Health Records are available at the National Library of Medicine.


Donated to the New York Academy of Medicine Library by Michael Marks Davis in 1962.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Medical Economics and Medical Sociology


Divided into nineteen sub-series, each futher sub-divided into subject-catalogued folders.

Scope and Content

This series contains material that is concerned with the cost of medical care and with special studies by, for, and about the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care, including confidential reports in typescript carbon copies by such eminent authorities of the 1930s as Haven Emerson, Louis I. Reed, and C. Rufus Rorem. A great deal of the work concerns Michael M. Davis' evaluations of the work of this important committee and its implications for the development of its recommendations, made during the period of Davis' term as director of Medical Services of the Julius Rosenwald Fund during the depths of the depression, when the health needs of the population were in great flow and public resources at their lowest ebb. The files are filled with publications, special studies, reports, drafts of minutes of committee meetings, and special groups concerned with public income data, taxes, and similar material (with much of a contemporary and ephemeral nature) concerning President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Committee on Economic Security and the Advisory Council on Economic Security, from the time of its establishment by executive order on June 29, 1934. This is supplemented by special studies (some undertaken by Dr. Davis or his associates) on the program of grants-in-aid for rural hospital services, and of Social Security programs. Many special stuides, both published and unpublished, are in this group of files, such as those on the attitudes of Roman Catholics toward Social Security, the report of the Michigan Governor's Study Commission on Prepaid Hospital and Medical Care Plans (1962), etc.

Original questionnaires returned by certain labor unions, requresting information on their attitudes toward and experience with medical care and hospital insurance, are in one of these drawers, along with manuscript reports, typescripts of articles, addresses, etc., concerned with Blue Cross (including its early history) -- much of it separately classified by subject or by state.

Material on state, industrial and cooperative medical plans, comprehensive group medical plans, and union health programs fills are also present, providing a mine of information about social trends of the period. This is material that cannot be duplicated and does not appear in any other library collection as a unit standing ready for the analyses of scholars of the future who will build on the experience detailed in the records of the Davis collection.

Cost of Medical Care

Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Debts
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Expenditures
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Cost of Illness
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Cost of Hospitalized Illness
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Cost of Surgical Care
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - Public Financing
Box 1    Medical Care Costs - NY World Telegram Medical Care Costs Series
Box 1    Health and Economic Status

Committe on the Costs of Medical Care

Box 1    Schedules - used for various investigations by Committee
Box 2    Pamphlets
Box 2    CCMC - Records

Ability to Pay

Box 2    Pamphlets and Articles

Income and Expenditures in US

Box 2    Income Data
Box 2    Reports and Pamphlets

Social Security

Box 3    Advisory Council on Social Security
Box 3    Citizens Conference on Social Legislation, - 1954
Box 3    Citizens Conference on Social Security, - 1953
Box 3    Committee on Economic Security (President's Committee, 1934-1936)
Box 3    Social Security (except for Health Insurance) - General
Box 3    Social Security Developments in Foreign Countries

Health Insurance

Box 4    Health Insurance - General

Listings and Descriptions of Certain Health Insurance Plans

Box 5    "Prepayment Medical Care Organizations" Klem, Social Security Board, Bureau Memo. 55
Box 5    "Directories of Non-Profit Service Plans" AHA, - 1949, 1942, 1945
Box 5    "Medical Service Plans" and "Voluntary Prepayment Medical Care Plans" AMA, - 1943, 1947, 1948
Box 5    "New Plans of Medical Service" Julius Rosenwald Fund, - 1936
Box 5    Study of Civic Medical Center of Chicago, Illinois
Box 5    List of Independent Plans, - 1955-1962

Bibliography on Health Insurance

Box 5    Bibliography on Health Insurance

Dean Clark Report - Health Insurance Plans

Box 5    Dean Clark Report - Health Insurance Plans

Blue Cross - Blue Shield

Box 5    Blue Shield
Box 5-6    Blue Cross

Medical Societies

Box 7    Medical Societies vs. Panel Plans
Box 7    California Physicians Service
Box 7    Various State Medical Society Prepayment Plans

Insurance Companies

Box 7    Commercial Insurance - General
Box 7    Insurance Companies - Health Insurance Plans
Box 7    Various Pamphlets re: Commercial Insurance Companies
Box 7    Major Medical Insurance - (Catastrophic)

Industrial Insurance

Box 7    Industrial Health Insurance Plans - General
Box 7    Material on Specific Industrial Health Insurance Plans


Box 8    Cooperatives - General
Box 8    Medical Rights Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, - 2/20/54
Box 8    1st Regional Health Conference on Cooperative Health Plans - Two Harbors, Mich., - 5/20/53
Box 8    National Conference on Cooperative Health Plans - Two Harbords, Mich., - 8/1946
Box 8    Cooperative Federation of America - General and Newsletters
Box 8    Group Health Association of America - General

Comprehensive Health Insurance Prepayment Plans

Box 8    Comprehensive Health Insurance - General, Pamphlets and Articles
Box 8    Group Health Association, Washington D.C.
Box 8    Group Health Cooperative, N.Y.C. (now defunct) - 1941
Box 8    Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sounds, Portland, Oregon
Box 8    Group Health Insurance, New York City
Box 8    Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP)

Labor - General Data on Health Insurance Plans

Box 9    Labor's Attitude Towards Health Insurance
Box 9    A.F.L., - 1937-1943
Box 9    A.F.L. re: Health Insurance (Also Social Security)
Box 9    C.I.O. re: Health Insurance (Also Social Security)
Box 9    AFL-CIO Resolutions re: Health and Welfare
Box 9    Labor Health and Welfare Plans, - 1950-
Box 9    Pamphlets on Health and Benefits in Collective Bargaining Agreements
Box 9    "Directory of Prepayment Medical Care Service Plans: Open to Participation by Organized Labor Groups" Cooperative Health Federation of America and Committee for the Nation's Health (excluding Blue Cross, Blue Shield), - 1954
Box 9    Health Insurance Plans for Workers and their Families
Box 9    Health and Welfare Plans for Workers and their Families
Box 9    Health and Welfare Plans Evaluated
Box 9    Health and Welfare Fund Investigation
Box 9    California Health and Welfare Plans
Box 9    New York State Health and Welfare Plans
Box 9    Labor and Medical Care for the Aged
Box 9    Labor and Anti-Poverty Program
Box 9    Labor and Federated Fund-Raising

National Health Insurance - Pamphlets and Articles

Box 9    Costs of Health Insurance
Box 9    ISF Allocation Formula
Box 10-11    Articles
Box 11    NHI Pamphlets

Health Security Through National Health Program

Box 12    Health Program Conference, - 1944
Box 12    Health Program Conference Report
Box 12    Opinion Poll (Peters-Boss Group), - 1944
Box 12    Pamphlets of Controversy and Debate
Box 12    Report

Medical Sociology

Box 12-13    Medical Sociology

Series 2: Medical Care in the United States


Divided into sixty one sub-series.

Scope and Content

In this series, confidential reports made for foundations in the United States on the subject of medical care abound, and the files are replete with correspondence, publications, clippings, and other documentation on the distribution of medical care, medical care for dependents of military personnel, home care, and social medicine.

Material contained in the file drawer on various diseases is of secondary sources, and although there are some scarce and unusual reports (e.g. The Middle Atlantic Educational Congress on Vision in the Defense Industry, April 1942 - a 218-page transcript), the bulk of this subseries is probably duplicated by the Academy's holdings. Apparently Dr. Davis used these materials for background information.

When we go on to national affairs and social planning, however, we return to a principal interest of Dr. Davis', and again we come onto a number of usual documents - published and unpublished - such as increasing literate study that Benjamin C. Gruenberg made for the Committee on American Museum of Hygiene of the American Public Health Association in 1937, A Museum of Health.

And so it goes, on and on, conveying early antipoverty programs, population problems, regional and medical programs for heart disease, cancer, and stroke, urban renewal and urban planning, health conditions in the United States, etc., with a great deal of material on the problems of youth in urban communities. The administration of medical research comes into its own throughout the records of these files, and there is a great deal of valuable material, much of it wholly ephemeral and not retained elsewhere, on various special, typical, and particular public or private health surveys. The file on Health in Wartime provides a specialsource on health programs in defense migration, the effect of war (usually referring to World War II) on the medical profession, the war and medical manpower, hospital and health center requirements in defense areas, etc.

This series also contains material of an historical nature on rural economic conditions from the 1930's through the 1950s, and on rural health problems and programs, especially with regard to national and state government interest in health security measures for farm and migrating laborers. The section continues with extensive material in the nature of private reports, correspondence, surveys, and publications on group practice of medicine, including files on specific organizations, and on prepayment plans made by specific labor unions, much of it not available elsewhere.

The series also includes materials on medical education (federal aid, intern training, regional cooperation, etc.), medical personnel, and physicians (choice and change of doctors, discrimination in medicine, the involvement of druggists, ethics, fee-splitting, etc.), specialists, dentists and dentistry, medical social workers, nurses and nursing, etc.

Reports, correspondence, and publications on hospitals, including some complete and broken files of newsletters and reports of hospital councils and organizations, as well as privately conducted surveys and studies of hospitals, their services, administration, and financing are also present. Dr. Davis' files include an accumulation of years concerning the American Hospital Association and its various subsidiary parts, much of which is supplemented in the extensive separate correspondence files that make up a part of this gigantic collection.

There is a large file on public medical care programs, particularly as they concern the aged and aging, public welfare programs, public health, and workmen's compensation (with detailed studies of variations, laws, etc.).

Of special interest is a drawer devoted to some of the restricted records of the 1952 hearings of The President's Commission on the Health Needs of the Nation and other related confidential transcripts, correspondence, etc. There is a very complete file on the Salk Vaccine debate of 1955 which, besides containing hearings and releases from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and from the Committee for the Nation's Health, has Dr. Davis' comments (manuscript lecture notes, correspondence, etc.), on all aspects of the argument. Also included is a valuable collection of different organizations' official and unofficial statements on the subject.

Problems of Veterans Administration medical care programs and a small file on the War Stabilization Board Report on Health, Welfare, and Pension programs are housed in a large file drawer, three quarters of which is taken up by an extensive record related to Medicare, which bridges a break in Dr. Davis' collection between Series II and Series III, covering federal and state legislation for public health care under Social Security programs and other forms of state-administrated medical care.

Medical Care

Box 14    General
Box 14    Administrative
Box 14    Comprehensive
Box 14    Conference on Medical Care, - 1944
Box 14    Diagnostic Services
Box 14    Distribution on Medical Care
Box 14    Government in Medicine
Box 14    Health Services for Government Employees
Box 14    History
Box 14    Home Care Programs
Box 14    Home Care vs. Office Care
Box 14    Medical Care for Dependents of Military Personnel, - 1953
Box 14    Medical Social Service
Box 14    Multiphasic Screening
Box 14    Needs, Industry Policy Statements
Box 14    Nursing Homes
Box 14    Preventive
Box 14    Programs (see also Public Health, Programs)
Box 14    Quality of Medical Care
Box 14    Rehabilitation
Box 14    Surgical Care Received
Box 14    World Health

Social Medicine

Box 14    Articles and Pamphlets
Box 14    Articles and Pampphlets

Various Diseases

Box 14    Alcoholism
Box 14    Cancer
Box 14    Communicable Diseases (see also Public Health, Epidemiology)
Box 14    Diabetes
Box 14    Heart Disease
Box 14    Mental Illness (see also Mental Health and Mental Health Centers
Box 14    Pneumonia
Box 14    Polio
Box 15    Rheumatism and Arthritis
Box 15    Tuberculosis
Box 15    Venereal Disease
Box 15    Vision
Box 15    Various

Vital Statistics

Box 15-16    Reports and Studies
Box 16    Birth and Death Rates
Box 16    Causes of Death
Box 16    Infant Mortality
Box 16    Maternal Mortality

National Affairs

Box 16    Anti-Poverty Program
Box 16    Automation
Box 16    Brookings Institution and Health Insurance Study
Box 16    Catholic Church and Social Problems
Box 16    Congress
Box 16    Harness - Committee, Articles and Speeches
Box 16    Hoover Commission - Articles, - 1948-1949
Box 16    Joint Economic Report, - 1951
Box 16    Intergroup Relations, 2nd National Conference, - 1948
Box 16    Labor - General Pamphlets
Box 16    National Health Assembly
Box 17    National Security (includes Civil Defense)
Box 17    Population
Box 17    Public Education System
Box 17    Regional Medical Programs for Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke
Box 17    Urban Renewal and Urban Planning

Social Planning and Problems -- Various Pamphlets and Reports

Box 17    Various Pamphlets and Reports

Health Conditions in the United States

Box 17    Adolescents
Box 17    General
Box 17    General Publicity on Health
Box 17    Changing Patterns of Disease
Box 17    Child Health, - 1940-1948
Box 18    Child Health Services Study - Academy of Pediatrics
Box 18    Chronic Illness - (Prolonged Illness, Long-term Patient)
Box 18    Colleges - Health In
Box 18    Comparative Health Factors among the States
Box 18    Disability
Box 18    Environment and Health
Box 18    Eskimos
Box 18    Genetic Factors
Box 18    Handicapped
Box 18    Health Hazards
Box 18    Health Needs - General
Box 18    Indians
Box 19    Indigent
Box 19    Industrial Health
Box 19    Industrial Medicine
Box 19    Injury Rates by Industry
Box 19    Mental Health
Box 19    Mental Retardation
Box 19    Negro Health
Box 19    Negroes (Committee for the Nation's Health Publications
Box 19    Nutrition
Box 19    Occupational Health Problems
Box 20    Physical Fitness
Box 20    Radiation and Health
Box 20    Smoking and Health
Box 20    Urban Youth

Medical Research

Box 20    General
Box 20    Federal Support of Medical Research
Box 20    Philosophical Relations of Science
Box 20    Research in Medical Care - Various Pamphlets

Health Surveys

Box 20    General
Box 20    National Family Survery of Medical Cost and V.H.I., - 1955
Box 20    National Opinion Research Center Survey Forum
Box 20    National Health Forum, - 1955
Box 20    Illness Surveys - Various Pamphlets
Box 20    Medical Care and Personal Care Requirements, - 1944
Box 20    National Health Conference (1 and 2), - 1938
Box 20    National Health Survey, - 1935-1936
Box 20    New York City Health Department, - 1963

Health in Wartime

Box 20-21    Civil and National Defense
Box 21    Medicine in Time of War
Box 21    Shortage of Doctors (in Wartime), - 1943
Box 21    War Areas: U.S. Public Health Service Studies and Memos
Box 21    Pamphlets and Reports Re: Wartime Health

Postwar Planning for Health and Security

Box 21    General Pamphlets, Reports and Articles

Rural Conditions

Box 21    Correspondence and MMD with Rural Sociologists, - 1949-1950
Box 21    The Plight of Agricultural Labor
Box 21    Cooperstown Conference on Rural Medicine, - 1938

Rural Economic Conditions

Box 21    General, Folders I and II
Box 21    Migratory Workers
Box 21    Social Security
Box 21    Rural Studies - Special Areas

Rural Health Conditions - General

Box 21    Rural Health and N.H.I.
Box 21    Rural Health Insurance Plans
Box 21    Rural Health - General
Box 21    Rural Action for Health
Box 22    Rural Health and the A.M.A.
Box 22    Rural Health Cooperatives
Box 22    Rural Hospital Services
Box 22    Rural Hospitals, - 1936
Box 22    Rural Medical Care
Box 22    Rural Infant Care
Box 22    Pamphlets
Box 22    Personnel - Resources
Box 22    Survey and Plans of Special Areas

Farm Security Administration

Box 23    FSA General
Box 23    FSA Pamphlets
Box 23    FSA Agricultural Workers Program
Box 23    FSA Low Income Framers Medical Program

Group Practice

Box 23    Articles - General, - 1941-1948
Box 23    Articles - Medical Economics
Box 23    Bibliography
Box 23    Council of Group Practice
Box 23    Dental Group Practice - Folder filed under Dentists
Box 23    Diagnostic Centers
Box 23    Group Practice - Legal Aspects
Box 23    Group Medical Center - Architecture and Organizations
Box 23    Group Practice Plans: A Listing by State (Issued by H.E.W., Division of Program Research)
Box 23    Hospital Discrimination against Group Practice
Box 23    Preliminary Directory of Medical Groups in the U.S., - 1959
Box 23    Pamphlets
Box 24    Specific Group Practice Organizations
Box 24    Statistics

Specific Union Prepayment Plans

Box 24    Union Health Centers - Directory
Box 24    A.F.L. Medical Service Plan
Box 24    Allentown, PA: Local 119, Health Fund of Male Apparel Industry
Box 24    Amalgamated Clothing Workers
Box 24    City of Hope Medical Center
Box 24    ILGWU
Box 24    ILWU-PMA Welfare Fund (Int. Longshoremen's and Warehouse Union - Pacific Maritime Association)
Box 24    St. Louis Labor Health Institute
Box 24    UAW-CIO Health Institute
Box 24    UAW-CIO Collective Bargaining
Box 24    UAW - Community Health Association, Detroit
Box 24    United Electrical Workers
Box 24-25    United Mine Workers
Box 25    United Steel Workers
Box 25    Various Health Plans

Medical Education

Box 25    Articles and Clippings - General
Box 25    Federal Aid to Medical Education
Box 25    Medical Advice (publication)
Box 25    Medical Education in Hospitals
Box 25    Intern Training
Box 25    Public Health Training
Box 25    Ration of Applicants to Population, - 1952-1953
Box 25    Regional Cooperation
Box 25    Reports re: Medical Education
Box 25    Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine - Teaching
Box 26    Sociological Studies
Box 26    Surgeon General's Report on Financing of Medical Schools, - 1950
Box 26    Various Reports and Pamphlets

Medical Personnel

Box 26    Reports - General
Box 26    Health Manpower (see also Public Health, Personal)


Box 26    Administration as a Career
Box 26    Attitudes of Individual Physicians toward N.H.I.
Box 26    Choice and Change of Doctors
Box 26    Depression
Box 26    Discrimination in Medicine
Box 26    Distribution and Supply of Physicians
Box 26    Distribution of Medical College Graduates
Box 26    Draft
Box 26    Druggists - Tie-in
Box 26    Ethics
Box 27    Family Physician
Box 27    Fees
Box 27    Fee Schedules - Sliding Scale
Box 27    Fee Splitting
Box 27    Foreign Physicians - Problem
Box 27    Free Services Given
Box 27    General Practitioner (see also Family Physician)
Box 27    Government Service - Physicians In
Box 27    Hospitals
Box 27    Income
Box 27    Kick-backs
Box 27    Labor and Physicians
Box 27    Malpractice Suits and Medical Professional Liability
Box 27    Miscellaneous
Box 27    Mortality
Box 27    Negroes
Box 27    Patient Load
Box 27    Patient Relations
Box 27    Payment by Capitation
Box 27    Politics (not A.M.A.) - Physicians In
Box 27    Public Health Programs
Box 27    Public Opinion about Doctors
Box 27    "Quackery"
Box 27    Reider Interviews
Box 27    Rural Areas
Box 27    Salaried
Box 27    Services Rendered
Box 27    Shortage
Box 27    Social Security
Box 27    Specialists and General Practitioners
Box 27    Taft - Physicians for
Box 27    War - Shortage of Doctors
Box 27    Women - Physicians


Box 28    General
Box 28    Consultation
Box 28    Anesthesiology
Box 28    Pathology
Box 28    Radiology
Box 28    Surgeons
Box 28    Obstetrics and Gynecology
Box 28    Ophthalmology
Box 28    Pediatrics
Box 28    Psychiatry
Box 28    Internists


Box 28    Dentistry - General
Box 28    Dentistry and N.H.I.
Box 28    Dental Care - History
Box 28    Dental Care Received
Box 28    Cost of Dental Care
Box 28    Dental Education
Box 28    Distribution and Supply of Dentists
Box 28    Flouridation
Box 28    Income - Dentists
Box 28    Dental Group Practice
Box 28    Prepayment Plans - Dentists In
Box 28    Public Health and Dental Care
Box 28    Organizations
Box 28    Pamphlets (1940-1949 and Current)

Medical Social Workers

Box 29    Articles, Reports, and Pamphlets

Home Makers

Box 29    Home Makers

Paramedical Personnel

Box 29    Paramedical Personnel


Box 29    Nurses and N.H.I.
Box 29    Nursing - General
Box 29    Nursing Care Received
Box 29    Nursing Education
Box 29    Graduate Nurses
Box 29    Home Nursing
Box 29    Practical Nurses
Box 29    Prepayment Plans - Nurses In
Box 29    Public Health Nurses
Box 29    Nursepower and Mobilization
Box 29    Shortage of Nurses
Box 29    Miscellaneous Pamphlets
Box 30    Organizations - Nurses

Optometry - Optometrists

Box 30    General
Box 30    American Optometric Association - current File, Dr. Felix Koetting
Box 30    A.O.A. - Optometric Literature
Box 30    MMD Speech at St. Louis, Mo., - 10/25/58
Box 30    A.O.A. - Current File of Correspondence with Sharman, Vision Service Plans, etc.
Box 30    A.O.A. and Prepaid Health Plans
Box 30    A.O.A. and World War II
Box 30    A.O.A. - Correspondence and Material Prior to 1950
Box 30    A.O.A. - "Public Health Optometry," - 1939

Pharmacy - Druggists

Box 30    Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Data
Box 30    Public Attitude Towards Prescription Costs
Box 30    Formularies in Hospitals


Box 30    Osteopaths

Chiropractors and Others

Box 30    Chiropractors and Others

Reed Articles

Box 30    "The Healing Cults"; "Midwives, Chiropodists, and Optometrists"


Box 30    Bibliography
Box 30    Hospitals and N.H.I. (K.G. Clark)
Box 30    Hospitals under N.H.I.
Box 30    General
Box 30    Accreditation of Hospitals
Box 30    Affiliation of Hospitals
Box 30    Administration
Box 30    Ambulatory Services
Box 30    Automatic Data Processing
Box 31    Auxilary Specialists
Box 31    Bingham Associates Consultation Program
Box 31    Care for Chronically Ill
Box 31    Community Needs, Hospitals as Related To
Box 31    Contractual Physicians
Box 31    Convalescent Care
Box 31    Costs - Income and Expenditures, - 1939-1949
Box 31    Diagnostic Services
Box 31    Discrimination in Hospitals
Box 31    Doctors' Offices in Hospitals
Box 31    Emergency Units
Box 31    Federal Hospitalization
Box 31    Fund Raising
Box 31    Government's Policies in Re: General Hospitals
Box 31    Indigent Care
Box 31    Labor Relations
Box 31    Legislation - Crossfile under Legal Aspects
Box 31    Malpractice Suits, Medical Professional Liability and Other Legal Issues
Box 31    Medical Audit
Box 31    Medical Staff and Employee Relations
Box 31    Middle-Income Patients, Hospital Services for
Box 31    Patient Relationships
Box 31    Pharmacies in Hospitals
Box 31    Philanthropy in Hospitals
Box 31    Physician Relationships
Box 31    Planning
Box 31    Private Hospitals (Proprietary Hospitals)
Box 31    Progressive Patient Care
Box 31    Proto-type Studies
Box 31    Psychiatry in Hospitals
Box 31    Public Relations
Box 31    Quality of Hospital Care
Box 31    Rates
Box 31    Regional Plans
Box 31    Research
Box 32    Rural Hospitals
Box 32    Small Hospitals
Box 32    "Socialized Medicine," Hospitals and
Box 32    Staffing
Box 32    Standards and Ethics
Box 32    Teaching Hospitals
Box 32    Trustees
Box 32    Unions in Hospitals
Box 32    Utilization of Health Facilities and Services (bibliography), - 1960-1963
Box 32    Utilization of Hospitals
Box 32    Voluntary Hospitals

News Letters and Hospital Councils and Organizations

Box 32    ACHA News
Box 32    Hospital Council of Metropolitan Boston
Box 32    Hospital Council of Greater New York
Box 32    Hospital Council of Philadelphia
Box 32    Hospital Council of Western Philadelphia
Box 32    Hospital Planning Council for Metropolitan Chicago
Box 32    Medical Advance - Bellevue Medical Center
Box 32    Organizations

Hospital Surveys and Studies

Box 33    Hospital Surveys - National
Box 33    Hospital Surveys - Regional and Local
Box 33    Individual Hospitals

Hospitals - Pamphlets

Box 33    Hospitals - Pamphlets

Hospital Administration

Box 34    Training and Education for Hospital Administrators

Hospital Finances

Box 34    General
Box 34    Income from Tax Sources

Hospital Out-Patient Departments

Box 34-35    Hospital Out-Patient Departments

Hospital Services and Functions Development

Box 35    Hospital Services and Functions Development

Health Centers - Hospital Medical Centers

Box 35    Health Centers - Hospital Medical Centers

Hospital Clinics

Box 36    Hospital Clinics

American Hospital Association

Box 36    General Reports and Pamphlets
Box 36    A.H.A. - Current
Box 36    A.H.A., - 1947-1948
Box 36    A.H.A., - 1937-1940
Box 36    Caldwell, Bert. W., M.D.
Box 36    Hospital Service Plans - Reports by Director, - 1939-1942
Box 36    A.H.A. Coordinating Committee, - 1940-1942
Box 36    A.H.A. Coordinating Committee, - July, 1938-December, 1939
Box 36    A.H.A. Coordinating Committee, - through June, 1938
Box 36    A.H.A. Council on Community Relations, - 1935-1937
Box 36    A.H.A. Council on Hospital Care Insurance,
Box 36    A.H.A. Council on Professional Practice, - 1938-1939
Box 36    A.H.A. Council on Public Education (MMD), - 1940
Box 36    A.H.A. Council on Public Education
Box 36    A.H.A. Institute for Hospital Administrators (Reports, Memos, Outlines, Lists)
Box 36    Joint Committee of A.H.A. and American Public Welfare Association
Box 36    A.H.A. Out-Patient Dept. Committee, - 1929 and previous

Public Medical Care Programs

Box 37   


Box 37    Statistical Data and Facts on Aged and Aging
Box 37    Philosophical and Sociological Problems of the Aged (other than health)
Box 37    Needs of the Aged - Role of Voluntary Agencies
Box 37    Health Problems of the Aged
Box 37    Medical Care Needed and Obtained
Box 37    Health/Hospitalization Insurance for the Aged (other than legislation for Medical Care for Aged under Social Security Mechanisms)
Box 37    Homes for the Aged (see also Nursing Homes)
Box 37    Proposals for Meeting Other Problems of the Aged
Box 37-38    Proposals and Studies of Problems of Aged by States, Localities, and Regions
Box 38    Legislative Hearings: National - Prints and Reports

Care of the Aged - OASI

Box 38    Old Age and Survivors Insurance
Box 38    Old Age, Public Assistance
Box 38    Public Homes for the Aged

General Relief Data and Reports

Box 38    National Committee on Health Care of the Aged
Box 38    Financing Medical Care for the Aged (Symposium)

Public Medical Care - General

Box 38    General
Box 38    Admission Requirements
Box 38    Eligibility
Box 38    Family Nursing Needs
Box 38    Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Box 38-    Financing
Box 38    Indigent Care
Box 39    Maternity and Infant Care
Box 39    Rehabilitation
Box 39    Relationship to Voluntary Health and Welfare Agencies
Box 39    Needs and Trends (see also Public Health), - 1962-1966

Public Medical Care - Reports and Studies by States and Localities

Box 39    Aid to Dependent Children and Child Welfare Program

American Public Welfare Association

Box 40    General Reports and Studies
Box 40    A.P.W.A. - Individual Jackets for Years, - 1936-1956
Box 41    A.P.W.A. - Medical Care Section: Individual Jackets for Years, - 1944-1952 and Present
Box 41    A.P.W.A. - M.M.D.'s 12/51 Meeting
Box 41    A.P.W.A. - Hospital Study

Public Health

Box 40    Bibliographies
Box 40    Economics
Box 40    Epidemiology (see also Environment and Health)
Box 40    Health and Science
Box 40    History
Box 40    Legal Aspects
Box 40    Needs, Policies, and Trends
Box 40    Personnel (see also Health Manpower)
Box 40    Programs of Activities
Box 40    Research
Box 40    Statistics

American Public Health Association

Box 40    A.P.H.A. - Current and General
Box 41    File Jackets for years, - 1936-1943
Box 41    Communicable Disease Reports, - 1929
Box 41    Dunker Study, - 1931-1932
Box 41    Isolation Hospital Reports, - 1931
Box 41    Twenty-five Questions Study, - 1930-1931

Public Health Services, H.E.W.

Box 41    General Reports and Studies
Box 41    Administration
Box 41    Dental Programs
Box 41    Drugs and Tranquilizers
Box 41    Federal Grants-in-Aid
Box 41    Food
Box 41    Health Examinations
Box 41    Health Information Series
Box 41    Home Care Programs (see also Medical Care: Home Care Program)
Box 41    Industrial Hygiene
Box 41    Report on Smoking (see also Various Diseases...)
Box 41    Statistics
Box 41    Survey of Public Health Hospitals

Public Health - States

Box 42    Pamphlets
Box 42    Maryland Medical Care Program

Local Public Health Units

Box 42    Local Public Health Units

Workmen's Compensation

Box 43    General
Box 43    Medical Care Aspects
Box 43    Occupational Health Institute
Box 43    State Laws
Box 43    Rehabilitation

President's Commission on Health Needs of the Nation

Box 52    Organization - Early Meeting
Box 52    A.M.A. Controversy
Box 52    President's Commission I: Findings and Recommendations, Volume I, 12/18/52, - Jan., Feb., 1952
Box 52    President's Commission II, - March-June, 1952
Box 52    Committee for the Nation's Health - Mimeographic Material on President's Commission's Hearings
Box 52    President's Commission's Panel on Finance (MMD's Dept.), - 10/7-8/52
Box 52    Articles and Releases
Box 52    Press Comments, - 1953
Box 52    Labor Press Comments
Box 52    Transcripts of Commission's Meeting, - 1/14-15/1952
Box 52    Clippings, Memos and Cartoons
Box 52    Transcript of Commission's Meetings and Hearings

Salk Vaccine Debate - - 1955

Box 52    Poliomyelitis Vaccine Hearings (Salk), - 1955
Box 52    H.E.W. Releases
Box 52    C.N.H. and MMD Comments Re: Salk
Box 52    Bills - Salk Vaccine
Box 52    Congressional Record Re: Salk Vaccine
Box 52    Canada - Denmark: Salk Vaccine
Box 53    A.M.A. Re: Salk Vaccine
Box 53    Publications
Box 53    Newspaper Clippings - Special
Box 53    Newspaper Clippings - General
Box 53    Organizations' Statements on Salk Vaccine
Box 53    Collection of Newspaper Stories and Columns Re: Salk Vaccine and Individuals Involved

Veteran's Administration

Box 44    VA Medical Care

War Stabilization Board Report on Health, Welfare and Pension Programs

Box 44    War Stabilization Board Report on Health, Welfare and Pension Programs


Box 44    Medical Care for the Aged through Social Security
Box 44    "Social Security Amendments of 1965" (Public Law 89-97)


Divided into seven sub-series.

Scope and Content

The National Health Insurance Legislation file contains original texts of bills, committee hearings, and basic data in the form of official publications and statements of organizations and individuals (clippings, correspondence, published releases, etc.). There are also folders of correspondence and other expressions of different and differing attitudes as evidenced by labor, "organized medicine," commercial and political organizations. The whole picture of a nation concernedis here -- and there are files of statements by personalities in all fields, newspaper and columnist's comments, articles from all kinds of magazines, along with radio and television publicity, and cartoons.

Not only the early health insurance bills and actions sponsored by Flanders and Herter in 1949, the Humphrey Cooperative Health Act of 1949, and the Taft-Smith-Donnell action of 1946, 1947, and 1949 are here, but these records are accompanied by Dr. Davis' complete files of correspondence, clippings, confidential reports, and annotated copies of published items referring to these legislative movements. Most inclusive are the files on the Wagner-Murray-Dingell bills and their evolution from previous legislative proposals dating back more than 30 years.

In addition to these specific files, there are materials on legislation since 1950, and pertinent publications, reports, correspondence, and ephemera relevant to legislation prior to 1950, public assistance and child welfare, mental health, and state legislation, including sickness and disability insurance programs to be paid for by the state.

There are further materials on the legal aspects of hospitals, their medical staff relations, and licensing laws regarding hospitals and convalescent institutions. The file on legal suits and medical societies is especially fascinating, including as it does a unique scrapbook of newspaper clippings on "The A.M.A. Trial" of 1941, when the American Medical Association was indicted for alleged violation of the antitrust act. This, along with trial records of other legal actions affecting medical organizations, optical rebates, and so forth, give us substantial corps of reference materials not easy to come by and, in most cases -- particularly where Dr. Davis' correspondence or ephemera are added -- not to be duplicated in any other collection.

National Health Insurance Legislation

Box 44-45    Legislative Proposals for Medical Care of Aged under Social Security Mechanism, - 1957-1965
Box 44    Presidential Messages
Box 44    Proposed National Health Programs
Box 44    Health Insurance Bills
Box 44-45    Wagner - Murray - Dingell Bills
Box 45    Wagner Bills, - 1939-1944

National Health Legislation

Box 45-46    Legislation - since 1950
Box 46    Legislation - prior to 1950

Mental Health Legislation

Box 46    Mental Health Legislation

Public Assistance and Child Welfare Legislation

Box 46    Public Assistance and Child Welfare Legislation

State Legislation

Box 46    State Legislation
Box 46-47    State Cash Sickness and Disability Insurance
Box 47-48    State Health Insurance Legislation Proposals
Box 48    Miscellaneous State Health Legislation
Box 48    US Possessions - Legislation
Box 48    Hospitals and the Practice of Medicine
Box 48    Licensing Laws
Box 48    Hill-Burton Hospital Survey and Construction Draft
Box 48    Legal Definition of Hospitals
Box 48    Hospital Legislation in Canada - Report of Committee on Hospital Legislation
Box 48    Medical Staff Relations
Box 48    US Government Department of Justice
Box 48    Legal Suits - General
Box 48    Anti-Trust Act Suit: A.M.A. vs. S.S. (relates to Group Health Association of Washington, D.C.), - 1938-1942
Box 49    The A.M.A. Trial
Box 49    Elk City Community Hospital vs. County Medical Society
Box 49    Complete Service Bureau vs.San Diego County Medical Society
Box 49    Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
Box 49    Optical Rebates
Box 49    US vs. Oregon State Medical Society

Series 4: Organizations


Divided into eight subseries.

Scope and Content

Samples of special reports, annual reports, and letters to and from Dr. Davis concerning the work of various organizations are included in this part of the collection, which is grouped into the following sections: Professional Organizations, General Organizations, International Organizations, and Political Organizations.

A large part of Dr. Davis' intrinsic interest in the dozens of organizations represented in this portion of the collection is more substantially supported by correspondence located by subject designation elsewhere in the files and, also, in the large part of the collection devoted to "Personalities." There is considerable material on rural or farm organizations and on a number of temporary groups.

One of the chief values of the section devoted to organizations, however, is the inclusion of a good deal of material on groups now defunct or inactive, along with publications derived from them; also, many publications that are now unobtainable from organizations that are still existent are in the file drawers of the Academy.

In addition to the miscellaneous organizations just commented on, also present is Dr. Davis' complete file of records, correspondence, interviews, confidential reports, etc., concerning the Committee for the Nation's Health, with articles promoted or arranged for by the committee in various publications, 1948 to 1956; there are also memoranda, minutes, and financial statements. Dr. Davis was, of course, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Committee for the Nation's Health. This is an absolutely unique and basic record of the work and administration of one of the most effective instruments for public education with regard to medical security ever to be active in this country. The work of the Committee for the Nation's Health, its internal administration and public programs, will serves as a model for many other social drives in the future. Likewise, the similar files of the Committee on the Research in Medical Economics (CRME) gives the Academy a corner on research in the field of medical economics. The unique, priceless archives of these two organizations will undoubtedly be the cornerstone of a research collection that will be of growing importance to all branches of the medical profession.

The American Medical Association was, naturally, of prime interest to Dr. Davis and his colleagues in the various committees and groups with which he worked toward the goal of government-sponsored or government-supported health plans. The collection includes basic studies of the A.M.A., and its organization, with detailed publications, reports, correspondence, clippings, and private studies gathered from many sources. There are folders of correspondence with several individuals and officers of the A.M.A., with a good deal of supplementary material such as reports of the association's meetings, speeches made to them, etc. The A.M.A. files continue with medical societies (state and county) filled with correspondence as well as with clippings and other secondary source records of "position statements" made by auxiliary groups across the country during the years of the great debate on "socialized medicine."

Not less interesting are the files on the A.M.A.'s public relations programs, with confidential internal documents of policy and procedures (some conducted by outside surveyors), and documentation of the high-gear efforts of the association to publicize its views about publicly supported health programs. The file contains fascinating documentation on the crisis in the mid-1940s when a noted public relations counseling firm withdrew from its association with the A.M.A. in a dispute over purpose and intention. The bitter battles of the A.M.A. against the programs of the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care, the Committee on the Nation's Health, and findings or recommendations of these and similar bodies are all exposed in Dr. Davis' collection -- a picture of social turmoil in professional-societal relations in flux over many, many years.

One drawer contains "The A.M.A.-Record," with extensive coverage--in confidential correspondence, secret reports, brochures, clippings, and other published or unpublished formats--of documentation that is beyond value for historical consideration of the battle of the A.M.A. Campaigns and samples of advertising literature are described (with numerous actual examples), the 1948 assessment of $25 and reactions to it, attitudes toward health insurance, folders on medical ethics and economics, tax exemption, etc. Position papers and studies on various legislation such as compulsory health insurance, disability insurance, family doctors, federal aid, health care for the aged, public school systems, Social Security, and veterans care are only part of this exciting story of social change.

This "record" is further extended by files describing the "A.M.A. in Politics," the National Professional Committee for Eisenhower (1952), action in political campaigns, "Doctors for Nixon-Lodge," and similar efforts that were made over the years to bring the proper forces into line for political action. It is all rather a desperate story, and Dr. Davis' files enhance a view of political battles that is not otherwise available in such completely documented form. Take, for example, the folders on the famous Whitaker and Baxter activities of 1952 to 1954 and the campaign to fight for voluntary medicine described as "one of the choicest plums and hottest potatoes in U.S. public relations," or the file on the National Physicians Committee, and the lobbying activities of the various medical organizations other than the A.M.A.

Professional Organizations

Box 49    American Association for the Advancement of Science
Box 49    American Association of Medical Social Workers
Box 49    American College of Hospital Administrators
Box 49    American Public Health Association
Box 49    American Sociological Association
Box 49    Association of Labor Health Administrators
Box 49    Hospital Administrators' Correspondence Club
Box 49    National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, Inc.
Box 49    National Association of Social Workers
Box 49    National Lawyers Guild
Box 49    National League of Nursing Education
Box 49    National Organization for Public Health Nursing, Inc.
Box 49    NY Institute for Hospital Administrators
Box 49    NY State Conference of Social Work
Box 49    NY Academy of Medicine
Box 49    Association of American Dentists

General Organizations

Box 49    American Association for Labor Legislation
Box 49    American Association for Social Security
Box 49    American Association of University Women
Box 49    American Farm Bureau Federation
Box 49    American Legion
Box 49    American Social Hygiene Association
Box 49    American Sociological Association
Box 49    American Veteran's Committee
Box 49    America's Town Meeting of the Air
Box 49    Association of American Medical Colleges
Box 49    Boston Dispensary
Box 49    Commission on Financing of Hospital Care
Box 49    Committee for Constitutional Government
Box 49    Commonwealth Fund
Box 49    Cooperative Health Federation of America
Box 49    Disabled American Veterans
Box 49    Farm Foundation
Box 49    Farmers Union
Box 50    Ford Foundation Reports
Box 50    Foundation on Employee Health, Medical Care and Welfare, Inc.
Box 50    Fund for the Republic (Reports)
Box 50    General Federation of Women's Clubs
Box 50    Health Information Foundation
Box 50    Health Insurance Council
Box 50    Independent Citizens' Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions
Box 50    Kellogg Foundation
Box 50    Macy Foundation (Research in Social Medicine)
Box 50    Medical Administration Service
Box 50    Medical Economics, Inc.
Box 50    Millbank Memorial Fund
Box 50    Montgomery County Health Fund
Box 50    National Advisory Health Council
Box 50    National Advisory Committee on Local Health Units
Box 50    National Committee for Mental Hygiene
Box 50    National Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government
Box 50    National Conference on Planning for War and Postwar Medical Services
Box 50    National Consumers' League (Cleveland, OH)
Box 50    National Council of Jewish Women
Box 50    National Council of Negro Women
Box 50    National Foundation of Health, Welfare and Pension Plans, Inc.
Box 50    National Fund for Medical Education, Inc.
Box 50    National Grange
Box 50    National Health Assembly
Box 50    National Health Council
Box 50    National Health Federation
Box 50    National Issues Committee
Box 50    National Planning Association
Box 50    National Social Welfare Assembly
Box 50    New York State Commission on Medical Care
Box 50    New York State Department of Labor
Box 50    New York State Insurance Company
Box 51    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Box 51    Pollak Foundation for Economic Research
Box 51    Public Affairs Committee (New York)
Box 51    Public Affairs Institute
Box 51    Research Council for Economic Security
Box 51    Resettlement Administration
Box 51    Rockefeller Foundation
Box 51    Tennessee Valley Authority
Box 51    United Public Health League
Box 51    United State Chamber of Commerce
Box 51    Welfare Council of New York

International Organizations

Box 51    Fellowship for Freedom in Medicine
Box 51    International Congress on Mental Health
Box 51    International Hospital Federation
Box 51    International Labour Office
Box 51    World Federation of Trade Unions
Box 51    World Health Organization
Box 51    International Health Conference, - 1946
Box 51    United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)

Political Organizations

Box 51    American Labor Party
Box 51    CIO Political Action Committee
Box 51    Democrats for '58 - Montgomery County Primary
Box 51    Democratic National Committee, - 1952, 1951, 1950, 1949, 1947
Box 51    Liberal Party of New York State
Box 51    National Citizens Political Action Commmittee
Box 51    Republican National Committee
Box 51    Political Party Platforms

Committee for the Nation's Health

Box 53    Committee for the Nation's Health
Box 53    Executive Committee Members
Box 53-54    Articles Promoted or Arranged for by CNH in Various Publications, - 1948-1956
Box 54    Memos, Minutes, and Financial Statements
Box 54    Honorary Vice Chairmen
Box 54    Office Management and Taxes

Committee on Research in Medical Economics

Box 55    CRME Minutes, Reports, - 1939-1949
Box 55-56    CRME Projects

American Medical Association

Box 56-57    Organization of the A.M.A.
Box 57    Medical Societies - State and County
Box 57-58    Public Relations
Box 59    A.M.A. - C.N.H. - C.R.M.E.
Box 60    A.M.A. - Record
Box 60    A.M.A. Policy Re: Legislation and Related Matters
Box 60    A.M.A. in Politics
Box 60    Whitaker and Baxter
Box 61    National Physicians Committee

Medical Associations other than the AMA

Box 61    American Academy of General Practice
Box 61    American Academy of Pediatrics
Box 61    American Board of Internal Medicine
Box 61    American College of Radiology
Box 61    American College of Surgeons
Box 61    American Medical Political Action Committee, - 1961
Box 61    Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Box 61    Association of Interns and Medical Students (AIMS)
Box 61    Committee of Physicians for the Improvement of Medical Care
Box 61    Independent Committee of Colored Physicians
Box 61    Medical Veterans Society
Box 61    National Doctors Committee for the Improvement of Federal Medical Service
Box 61    Oregon Physicians Fighting Political Medicine
Box 61    Physicians Forum
Box 61    Physicians Guild

Series 5: Medical Care in Foreign Countries


Divided into nine subseries, each containing multiple subject catalogued files.

Scope and Content

This series contains much public documentation and correspondence with leaders and private physicians concerned with social medicine and public health abroad. Most of these folders are devoted to the era in Great Britain that preceded and followed the Beveridge Plan, and are abundantly supplemented by comments (in print and letter form) made by practitioners, consultants, and specialists referring to the National Health Service Act and all aspects of its administration. There is a long correspondence with Sidney Lamb, one-time secretary of the International Hospital Association and secretary of the Merseyside Hospitals Council (Liverpool) who devoted so many years to the cause of improved hospital care in Great Britain and elsewhere, a correspondence containing warm and sensitive expressions of hopefulness for "the health help needed by the people of all countries."

Much of the foreign material from Great Britain, the Continent, Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand appears in the form of published and unpublished reports, most of it probably not duplicated in other collections on the social and economic aspects of medicine, health insurance, etc. One especially interesting part of the files at this point is correspondence and other material originating in the United States and commenting on the National Health Service in Great Britain -- a remarkable display of varieties of opinion both favorable and hostile.

Great Britain

Box 61    England Before Beveridge
Box 62    Ireland
Box 62    Scotland
Box 62-63    England from Beveridge on
Box 63    NHS Controversy - British
Box 63-64    Current NHS Material brought by MMD, - 1960
Box 64    NHS Controversy - US

New Zealand

Box 64    New Zealand


Box 64    Australia

Asia and Africa

Box 64    East-Indies
Box 64    India
Box 64    Israel
Box 64    Japan
Box 65    Liberia
Box 65    South Africa
Box 65    Syria
Box 65    China


Box 65    Reports
Box 65    Canadian Sickness Survey, - 1950-1951
Box 65    Pamphlets
Box 65    Various Articles, - 1948-
Box 65    Various Articles, - 1940
Box 65    Canadian Dental Association
Box 65    Canadian Medical Association
Box 65    Canadian Welfare Council
Box 65    Toronto: Associated Medical Services of
Box 65    Hospital Care Insurance in Canada
Box 65    Health Sciences Center, University of British Columbia

Series 6: Personalities

Contains folders for 74 individuals.


Arranged alphabetically by surname.

Scope and Content

The series on Personalities contains Dr. Davis' correspondence, notes, comments, clippings, personality evaluations, and memorabilia to, from, and about all of the leaders associated with him in his multifarious activities. Some individuals represented include Elin Anderson whose grass-roots pioneering efforts brought more adequate medical service to thousands of people in the United States; other names follow in a list of movers and shakers on the social scene there, such as: Dr. Georger Baehr, Harry Becker, Dr. George Berry, George Bugbee, Morris L. Cooke, Thomas E. Dewey, Oscar Ewing, Dr. I. S. Falk (an exceptionally long file dating from 1933 to 1954), Dr. Channing Frothingham, Sir William Jameson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Lasker, Dean Leonard Mayo, Dr. James C. McCann, Dr. Frederick D. Mott, Anna M. Rosenberg, Adlai Stevenson, Senator Robert Taft, President Harry S. Truman, Albert W. Whitney, and hundreds of others. Most of the files contain correspondence of greater or lesser significance; many are reflections of Dr. Davis' numerous activities and include his terse comments--sometimes kindly, sometimes stringent and critical.


Box 68    Altmeyer, Arthur J.
Box 68    Anderson, Elin
Box 68    Asgis, Alfred J.
Box 68    Baehr, George, M.D.
Box 68    Ballard, F.L.
Box 68    Barrows, Samuel J.
Box 68    Baruch, Bernard
Box 68    Basch, Shirley
Box 68    Beck, Dorothy Fahs
Box 68    Becker, Harry
Box 68    Berens, Dr. Conrad
Box 68    Berge, Wendell
Box 68    Bernays, Edward L.
Box 68    Berry, George P., M.D. (Dean, Harvard Medical School)
Box 68    Biemiller, Andrew
Box 68    Billikopf, Jacob
Box 68    Bishop, R.H. Jr., M.D.
Box 68    Blakesley, Howard F.
Box 68    Boas, Ernst P., M.D.
Box 68    Bond, Earl D., M.D.
Box 68    Bone, Hugh A.
Box 68    Bousfield, M.O., M.D.
Box 68    Bowler, John P., Dr.
Box 68    Bradbury, Samuel, M.D.
Box 68    Bradley, Richard M.
Box 68    Brown, Percy
Box 68    Brown, Philip King, M.D.
Box 68    Bruno, Frank J.
Box 68    Buben, Zdenka
Box 68    Buerki, Robin C.
Box 68    Burgee, George
Box 68    Burney, L.E., M.D.
Box 68    Burns, Craig, M.D.
Box 68    Burns, Professor Eveline M.
Box 68    Butler, Allan M., M.D.
Box 68    Cabot, Hugh, M.D.
Box 68    Cabot, Philip
Box 68    Cabot, Richard, M.D.
Box 68    Cannon, Ida M.
Box 68    Carlton, Winslow
Box 68    Chaddock, Prof. Robert E.
Box 68    Chisholm, G.B., M.D.
Box 68    Christie, Aurthur C., M.D.
Box 68    Clague, Ewan
Box 68    Cobb, W. Montague, M.D.
Box 68    Codman, Mrs. E.A.
Box 68    Coggeshall, Lowell T., M.D.
Box 68    Cohen, Wilbur J.
Box 68    Commager, Henry Steele
Box 68    Cooke, Morris L.
Box 68    Crain, Kenneth
Box 68    Cruikshank, Nelson
Box 68    Dammasch, F.H., M.D.
Box 68    Davis, Elmer
Box 68    Davis, Michael M., Jr.
Box 68    Davison, Wilburt C., M.D.
Box 68    Deutsch, Albert
Box 68    DeVoto, Bernard
Box 68    Dewey, Thomas E.
Box 68    Dodd, Paul A.
Box 68    Duncan, Robert T.
Box 69    Dunn, Halbert
Box 69    Edelman, John
Box 69    Edwards, Frank
Box 69    Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Box 69    Evans, Lester, M.D.
Box 69    Ewing, Oscar
Box 69    Falk Foundation
Box 69    Falk, I.S.
Box 69    Fleming, Grant, M.D.
Box 69    Flexner, Abraham
Box 69    Flynn, John T.
Box 69    Folsom, Marion B.
Box 69    Ford, Mrs. Ellen J.
Box 69    Friedman, Maurice H., M.D.
Box 69    Frothingham, Channing
Box 69    Gannett, William Channing
Box 69    Garrison, Lloyd K.
Box 69    George, Father Gordon
Box 69    Ginzberg, Professor Eli
Box 69    Goldmann, Franz, M.D.
Box 69    Gregg, Alan, M.D.
Box 69    Hall, Helen
Box 69    Hamilton, Alice
Box 69    Hansen, Horace
Box 69    Harding, T. Swann
Box 69    Harris, Seymour
Box 69    Hawley, Paul R., M.D.
Box 69    Health Institute, UAW-CIO, Detriot, - 1943-1944
Box 69    Hektoen, Ludwig
Box 69    Hellstrom, Marika
Box 69    Henry Street Study
Box 69    Heyd, Charles Gordon, M.D.
Box 69    Hill, Charles, M.D.
Box 69    Hillman, Sidney
Box 69    Hoadley, George
Box 69    Hoehler, Fred K.
Box 69    Horder, Lord
Box 69    Howard, Dean Donald S.
Box 70    Howard University - School of Social Work
Box 70    Huntington, Professor Emily H.
Box 70    Jackson, Fred W., M.D.
Box 70    Jameson, Sir Wilson
Box 70    Jarrett, Mary
Box 70    Johnson, Charles S., Fiske University
Box 70    Jones, Arthur
Box 70    Jones, E.W.
Box 70    Kaiser, Henry J.
Box 70    Kaiser, Henry J. Company
Box 70    Keefer, Chester, M.D.
Box 70    Keppel, F.P.
Box 70    Kerr, Lorin E., M.D.
Box 70    Kingsbury, John A.
Box 70    Kingsley, J. Donald
Box 70    Klarman, Herbert E.
Box 70    Kramer, Nathan (Russelton Medical Group)
Box 70    Kraus, Professor Hertha
Box 70    Lasker, Mr. and Mrs. Albert D.
Box 70    Lawrence, John V., M.D.
Box 70    Lee, Roger I., M.D.
Box 70    Lee, Russel V., M.D.
Box 70    Lenin
Box 70    Lewis, Alfred Baker
Box 70    Loos, Clifford, M.D.
Box 70    MacLean, Basil D., M.D.
Box 70    Mackintosh, J.M., M.D.
Box 70    Magnuson, Paul B., M.D.
Box 70    Maisel, Albert Q.
Box 70    Maslow, Harold
Box 70    Mattngly, Thomas E., M.D.
Box 70    Mayo, Charles W., M.D.
Box 70    Mayo, Professor Leonard W.
Box 70    McCann, James C., M.D.
Box 70    McLean, Franklin C., M.D.
Box 70    McNary, William S.
Box 70    Means, James Howard, M.D.
Box 70    Medical Service Plans Conference, - 1942
Box 70    Meek, Howard B.
Box 70    Mercer, A.M., M.D.
Box 70    Meriam, Lewis
Box 70    Meyer, Max ("History in the Making")
Box 70    Morgan, Gerald
Box 70    Morse, Senator Wayne
Box 70    Moseley, Charles H.
Box 70    Mott, Fred D., M.D.
Box 70    Mountain, Joseph W., M.D.
Box 70    Munger, Charles H.
Box 70    Murray, Senator James E.
Box 70    Nelson, Russel A.
Box 70    New England Journal of Medicine
Box 70    New Republic
Box 70    New York Times
Box 71    Orr, Douglas, M.D.
Box 71    Osler, William
Box 71    Palmer, Robert C. and Mrs. Lewis E.
Box 71    Parran, Thomas, M.D.
Box 71    Parsons, Talcott
Box 71    Patterson, Chat
Box 71    Pearson, Drew
Box 71    Pearson, John
Box 71    Pearson, Leon M.
Box 71    Peebles, Allon
Box 71    Peixotto, Jessica B.
Box 71    Pepper, Senator Claude
Box 71    Perrott, George St. J., M.D.
Box 71    Peters, John P., M.D.
Box 71    Phillips, Herbert E.
Box 71    Phillips, Wilbur C.
Box 71    Pilcher, Jean, M.D.
Box 71    Pink, Louis H.
Box 71    Plumley, Margaret L.
Box 71    Polakov, Walter N.
Box 71    Potter, Ellen C., M.D.
Box 71    Proger, Samuel, M.D.
Box 71    Putnam, William F., M.D.
Box 71    Rappleye, Dr. Willard C.
Box 71    Reed, Lowell
Box 71    Reidy, William G.
Box 71    Roberts, Kingsley, M.D.
Box 71    Robin, Frederick E.
Box 71    Robins, R.B., M.D.
Box 71    Robinson, Claude
Box 71    Robinson, Dr. Miles H.
Box 71    Roche, Josephine
Box 71    Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Box 71    Rosenberg, Anna
Box 71    Rosenman, Samuel J.
Box 71    Rosenwald, Julius
Box 71    Rusk, Howard A., M.D.
Box 71    Saltzstein, Harry C., M.D.
Box 71    Sanger, Margaret
Box 71    Sartain, Geraldine (Sartain Handbook)
Box 71    Sawyer, William A., M.D.
Box 71    Seham, Max
Box 71    Shadid, Michael, M.D.
Box 71    Searon, Marjorie
Box 71    Sigerist, Henry E., M.D.
Box 71    Smith, Henry Clay, M.D.
Box 71    Stasson, Harold E.
Box 71    Stein, Margaret
Box 71    Stevenson, Adlai
Box 71    Stillman, Calvin D.
Box 71    Stokes, Thomas L.
Box 71    Taft, Senator Robert A.
Box 71    Tead, Ordway
Box 71    Thompson, Mrs. Lewis S.
Box 72    Truman, Harry S. (26 folders)
Box 72    Van Steenwyck, E.A.
Box 72    Wallace, Henry A.
Box 72    Warren, Earl
Box 72    Wagner, Seantor Robert F.S., Sr.
Box 72    Whitney, Albert W.
Box 72    Wilinsky, Charles F., M.D.
Box 72    Williams, Greer
Box 72    Williams, James M.
Box 72    Williams, R.C., M.D.
Box 72    Wilson, Charles E.
Box 72    Winslow, C.E.A., M.D.
Box 72    Yoell, Rodney, M.D.
Box 72    Zimmer, Verne A.