Bridging the history of medicine, humanities, and the arts.

The Academy is home to one of the nation’s most significant historical libraries in medicine and public health. With over 550,000 volumes, including an extensive rare book collection, as well as unique medical artifacts of historical importance, the Academy Library is a true national resource.

Safeguarding and preserving the history of medicine and public health is at the core of our Library activities to ensure that the generations to come have access to the wealth of information within our collections that span the eras from ancient to modern day. Serving a diverse group of patrons—from historians and researchers to documentary filmmakers to medical students and elementary school students—the Academy collections serve to inform and inspire a variety of audiences from the academic to the public at large.

Through its Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health, the Library is also home to an engaging roster of public programming integrating medicine with history, humanities and the arts. Reaching thousands of New Yorkers each year, the Center delivers a unique experience only to be found at the Academy through its lectures, workshops, seminars, and festivals. The library is dedicated to building bridges among an interdisciplinary community of scholars, educators, clinicians, and the general public, and fills a unique role in the cultural and scholarly landscape of New York City.


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